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5 star hotels munnar tariff

Traveling to Kerala is an unforgettable experience because of the unique history and culture of Kerala. Kealala tourism is famous for historic monuments, rural tourism , nature tourism , wild life tourism , hill stations, beaches etc. The main tourist attractions in Kerala are covered below.

The coldest of hearts will be filled with warmth and affections amidst the gorgeous landscaped hill station of Munnar The serene hills of Munnar in Kerala have been honored as Asia’s second ideal in, “TRIP ADVISOR’S 2010 TRAVELLERS Option Destination AWARDS”. The striking beauty of the hills and cool air have extended been a preferred with the Indian honeymooners and the foreign tourist and is attracting the adventure travelers who are enamored by locations beautiful topography which is perfect for paragliding, trekking, and rock climbing and provides a boost to Kerala’s tourism

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Munnar’s mesmerising greenery, mountain scenery, calmness and cool refreshing air attracts honeymooners and tourists throughout the year. It is a weekend hideout location for domestic vacationers throughout summer season. Foreign travellers likes watching the all-natural beauty of Kerala although the journey from Thekkady to Munnar. Munnar is blessed with all-natural beauty that attracts vacationers from far and wide. The lap of Mother Nature in Munnar promises to soothe the senses of the weariest of traveller in Munnar. For adventure lovers there is paragliding and for nature lovers there are some of the World’s highest tea estates. National Adventure Foundation in Munnar conducts courses for paragliding.

Most residents of Munnar are employed in the tea market, or are involved in the tourism company. In 2000, the Government of Kerala declared Munnar as a tourist spot. This has helped in attracting much more tourists to this beautiful hill resort. Many protected wildlife locations and the regions eye-catching climate region attract numerous vacationers who help the a lot of hotels, restaurants and transport businesses in Munnar and constitute an crucial, if seasonal, mainstay for its economy.