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budget munnar hotels rates

Kerala is one of most famous tourist destination in south India. Kerala is blessed with various wonderful tourism attractions and sightseeing spots. In Kerala you can enjoy all type of tour attractions with wonderful natural beauty, exhilarating sightseeing spots and tourism attractions that entice tourists and Kerala is also favorite for many tourists and also for many tour providers.

The coldest of hearts will be filled with warmth and affections amidst the stunning landscaped hill station of Munnar The serene hills of Munnar in Kerala have been honored as Asia’s second greatest in, “TRIP ADVISOR’S 2010 TRAVELLERS Choice Location AWARDS”. The striking beauty of the hills and cool air have long been a favorite with the Indian honeymooners and the foreign tourist and is attracting the adventure travelers who are enamored by places beautiful topography which is ideal for paragliding, trekking, and rock climbing and provides a enhance to Kerala’s tourism

travel munnar bangalore

Munnar is blessed with all-natural beauty that attracts tourists from all more than the globe.Munnar tourism welcome you to appreciate the natural beauty of this God’s own land.Munnar tourism organize boating in the lakes of Munnar. Nature walks and hiking are common activities that tourist in Munnar indulge in. The winter months from October to March are the very best time to go to Munnar. The beautiful landscapes offer the picturesque setting for unforgettable holidays. Munnar tourism was the summer season retreat of the British. Amidst scenic surroundings Pothamedu offers picturesque plantation along with trekking and hiking alternatives. The Christ Church of Munnar is for its stain glass windows.

Most residents of Munnar are employed in the tea business, or are involved in the tourism enterprise. In 2000, the Government of Kerala declared Munnar as a tourist spot. This has helped in attracting far more tourists to this gorgeous hill resort. Numerous protected wildlife places and the regions attractive climate location attract numerous tourists who support the several hotels, restaurants and transport companies in Munnar and constitute an essential, if seasonal, mainstay for its economy.