How to go to Bericham Forest near Kodaikanal?

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Munnar Meals Available question by Antony: How to go to Bericham Forest close to Kodaikanal?

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21 km. from Kodaikanal in TamilNadu nesting in the midst of a thick wood, is an best picnic spot and campsite. Berijam is the most beautiful lake in all of South India. Originally found by the British & Spanish people, this place was a swamp 80 -100 years in the past. It has been converted into a lake with catchments places around the lake. The lake itself is located at a very higher altitude, just a couple of hundred feet beneath Kodaikanal. The lake has extremely pure water and is the main source of water for the town, Periyakulam, which is situated, in the valley beneath Kodaikanal. Berijam Lake lies in a beautiful valley, reflecting the glory of the specious in its fresh waters. When the habitat of cavemen, it is now a favourite campsite, and excellent locale for trekking.

Berijam, dotted with dense pine and acacia trees, is a quiet spot like an outpost. From here you can trek up to Kavunji, which is a laid-back village.To have a glimpse of the waterfalls and scenic attractiveness, trek more up to Polur. Berijam is the last point you can travel by vehicle or any other four-wheeler. There are two roads from Berijam one particular goes to Munnar and the other to a little village referred to as Kavunji. Considering that each the roads are blocked for visitors, they are just excellent for trekking.

Forest laws defend Berijam Lake and the immensely lovely forest. Tourists want particular permission from the forest office, in Kodaikanal, to go there. It is better to be an early bird to get the permission, as the forest office closes by eleven:30 am. Tourists are allowed to remain in Berijam till the evening. Even so, persuasive trekkers get to keep overnight in Berijam at a dormitory which can serve as a base for trekking. Carry a sleeping bag, drinking water, warm clothing, medicines and any food supplies for an emergency.

From bus stand go along the lake, Bryant park, Bombay shoal to suicide stage. Have a see above the green valley under stick to the route to pillar rock level. Have a view of the precipitious mountain ranges continue trekking along the street at the 10th K.M. have a look of Moir point. Carry on trekking. Seem for outdated forest bungalow ” Green hut “. It will be renovated quickly At 13th KM. You find the wattle powar with small sun light falling on the ground. Moving ahead you will locate the yellow blossom the “Citisus” broom. Nearby the fire observe tower has been erected. Climb up and have an aeriel see more than the Berijam lake and water catchment basin of numerous river. Proceed more, you reach “Mathikettan Shola” a name given, as if 1 who entered into shola might loose his way back. Observe the natures gift-selection species, uncommon and threatening watch for Gaur, Come out to Berijam lake sluce stage, in which water is drawn for Periyakulam Town. Stick to street to attain Berijam. Forest Rest House is available for shelter.

Trekking Distance : 23 Km.

Trekking Time: 5 Hours.

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