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Munnar Famous Food

Las Palmas Munnar This Munnar accommodation is located near the city center. The Las Palmas Munnar is a short drive …
Munnar Famous Food

Munnar: A Fantastic Escape


In the state of Kerala, one can find a wonderful hill station called Munnar, which is famous for its beautiful scenery and the wonderful variety of wildlife that one can find here. There are many great places in town worth seeing and it is a beautiful place to spend a summer away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. There are also many hotels and resorts found here, making it easy for you to find accommodation that fits the budget.
Munnar is well connected to most other places in the state and many buses and taxis travel to the town every day. Many tourists also travel to the hill station in private vehicles and the journey by road offers you some spectacular views of the region. Many nature lovers find their way to Munnar because of the scenery here and the national parks in town make it a great place for wildlife enthusiasts to visit. The Erivakulam National Park is one of the most popular attractions in Munnar and offers you a chance to see some amazing species of wildlife, including leopards, tigers and the Nilgiri Thar, which is an endangered species of mountain goat. The Anamudi Peak is found inside the national park and offers a beautiful place for trekking.
The region is also knows for the Neelakurinji flower, which blossoms once every twelve years and turns the hills blue. The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is another great place in town where one can see a wide range of beautiful plants and animals. The Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is another place that a nature lover would want to visit, with many different species of birds found here, like Woodpeckers, Malabar Gray Hornbills and Ceylon Frogmouths. Rock Climbing and Rappelling are some great adventure sports that are found here and riding a bicycle around is probably the best way to experience the real beauty of this place. There are also many plantations here and there are many places in town where one can shop for some of the important products of the region, like tea, coffee and spices.
One can also enjoy some delicious food at one of the great restaurants here and the local cuisine is popular among tourists that visit the town often. Many hotels in town also offer some great sightseeing packages, making it easy to visit all the important attractions in town. A trip to Munnar offers you some amazing memories and a chance to get to know nature like never before. 
Munnar Famous Food question by shona agarwal: Where would you go and what would you do to experience the essence of the Kerala?

Munnar Famous Food best answer:

Answer by Atajus
There is no single place in Kerala that gives you an essence of the whole State. You have to stay in the State sufficiently long and explore to get the ‘feel’ of the place. There is the Backwaters and the boat stay on these ( the food offered in these boats is generally typical Keralite cuisine). Then, there are the beautiful hill stations of Munnar ( tea, coffee and cardamom are grown here, and nearby is Thekkady where you may come across some wild elephants) and Ponmudi ( misty hills). You also have the Athirampally Waterfalls, which is worth a see during the monsoons. The landscape almost throughout Kerala is lush green and for miles together, even on the plains, you can see tall coconut palms against the blue-grey sky. If you want to experience Kerala culture, you must be there during their main festival, Onam. You could also watch a Kathakali performance and visit the famous temple of Guruvayoor. The Pooram festival at Trichur, with the beautiful elephant procession will also also give you the essence of Kerala. And also, when you are in Kerala, try staying in typical Keralite type of accommodation and not in modern looking hotels.